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Francisca RoseiroPT, is a graphic designer living between London and Lisbon, keen on using graphic design as a methodological lens to explore social-political matters. Her design practice investigates critical thinking and experimentation, interplaying with printed matter, graphic production and editorial design. She questions contemporary visual culture triggered by research on the syntax of transparency within technology, nonlinear narratives, and online metaphors.
Open for collaborations, chats, or any other form of communication, at

Collaborating with FRAUD, since 2019
Collaborating with Margarida Morais, since 2018

Exhibition Design
Co-Curator, Landscapes of Design, MAGMD, 2019
Co-Curator, What Is Out Doors, WIP Show, MAGMD, 2019

Selected Press
The Cloud Cycle with Margarida MoraisRife Magazine, 2021
A Line Wich Forms a Volume 3, Collide24, 2020
A Line Which Forms a Volume, Escaparate, 2020
Landscapes of Research, #viscom chat, 2019
A Line Which Forms a Volume, Mag Culture, 2019

Fellowship Assistant, MA Graphic Media Design, LCC, 2020
Notes on ALWFAV3 with Roxy Zeiher, MA Graphic Media Design, LCC, 2020
In Search of... Independent Publishing with Margarida Morais and Rong Lian, 2019